Awning windows: a unique look for your house!

Awning windows replacement Sacramento CA Awning windows are considered the most efficient and convenient in design. Due to its handles these windows are closed much tighter and provide a high level of security in comparison with other models. They are hung horizontally, can be fixed on the top and swings outwards.

A few facts from history

Awning windows replacement Sacramento CA Awning type of window allows the frames swing outward. Initially, it was usually designed for school and factory buildings in 1920 – 1950 years before the air conditioners became widely used. Such windows were rather large in size. The entire pane of glass was in solid metal frame or several panes of smaller size in several sections of metal frame. Pull chains were used to open such windows. They allowed ventilating the room properly if it was positioned correctly in the room. Later, in 1940’s – 1960’s awning windows were widely used in homes.

About configuration

Awning windows replacement Sacramento CA The panes are located mostly at the top and the hand cranks allow fixing the window in necessary position. Thus, you can protect home from the rain but at the same time let fresh air enter the room. It is rather convenient in windy days too. Nowadays such type of windows is also popular for houses in areas with temperate climate. They are used as an original element of modern home design.

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In what cases the use of awning window is true?
Current models of these windows are widely used in such architectural styles as French and Tudor style, ranch or prairie direction. The shape of windows can be square or rectangular; they are rather wide and usually used in bathroom or kitchen design. Some people often set awning windows on the second floor of their home.

There are several types of awning windows:

  • those that open inwards, not outwards (top-hinge variant);
  • utility type is used in basement rooms because they are hinged at the bottom;
  • jalousie type – the window panes are in horizontal position and open outwards;
  • transom awning windows are located above doors or windows larger in size. Their construction allows swinging inwards or outwards.

Any windows can be replaced with the awning ones regardless what materials and shapes were used in the previous design.

What materials are used?
Windows of this type can differ in materials:

  • vinyl awning windows provide a high level of energy efficiency, do not crack or warp due to moisture, they do not need painting;
  • windows made of aluminum are not recommended for houses in cold areas and they are not so energy efficient. You can paint them but painting will not last long;
  • wooden windows have the highest energy efficient level, a lasting operation period and a great variety of available colors.

The price of the window depends on its size, model and material. However, the wooden variants are usually more expensive.

The company A+ Construction Pro is ready to offer a wide variety of colors for your awning windows. You can change the desired interior and exterior style.

Standard awning windows sizes
Windows of rectangular and square shapes can vary in size in accordance with the dimensions of the room in which they are set. In living rooms or other large spaces 72-inch square large awning window or 72 by 63-inch rectangular window is usually used. Due to these sizes the windows can be properly used separately and in various combinations in accordance with the size of the entire room.

If you are planning to set such windows in the office or in the basement room it is better to choose its width in the range of 16 – 26 inches.

The main features of the awning windows
Among the main characteristics of these windows it is necessary to note the following:

  • due to the fact that they are hinged at the top these windows let you air the room and protect it from the rain, strong wind or falling leaves;
  • they are characterized as highly energy efficient;
  • awning windows have a long period of operation;
  • resistance to crack formation;
  • can be set even in small rooms;
  • they have 3 glazing variants: single, double and triple. It allows them be more energy efficient in comparison with other window types;
  • due to their size and simplicity of installation they can be used in basements;
  • you can choose appropriate color for your window that will fit the overall style of the house.

Awning windows can be also used above or at the bottom of the stationary windows, for casements or sliding windows as an original design solution and for additional ventilation of the room.

Installation process
Before installation it is necessary to carry out all the measurements to avoid possible difficulties. Highly skilled professionals of A+ Construction Pro will do their work properly for you to use the windows without any troubles for many years. They will also give you all necessary recommendation how to operate these windows correctly. You will be pleased by excellent service and reasonable prices of the company.

Briefly about prices
The prices for awning windows vary depending on the type of the window, material, size, color solution, the chosen accessories and other points. Usually, the price is in the range of $280 – $ 850. Of course, there are windows that cost more than $ 1000. In this case you will get a lot of additional options that will provide security and original style of your window.

Cleaning of the windows
It is better to use soapy water to remove dust, dirt or smoke from the glass. You should never use abrasive cleaners to wash such windows. It is not recommended to clean the glass under direct sunlight and remove difficult stains with a razor.

If you live in Sacramento CA and you want to install the awning windows to give your home an original look, A+ Construction Pro Company is ready to help. You will be definitely satisfied with professional work, quality materials and friendly service.

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