Bay and bow windows

Bay and bow windows in all its splendor – invite sunlight and earn.

Bay and bow windows replacement Sacramento CA There is no need to explain what is a bay window or what is a bow window. They remind everybody about good old Victorian times, still bay window styles are increasingly popular nowadays, especially among 30+ generation. In addition to an elegant and attractive design magnificent front bay window and kitchen bay window are different, constantly adorable and have the ability to fill in the room with sunlight.
The reason for bay or bow window popularity is more intense insulation, visually increase of the interior space and the ability to provide more volume to the contemplation of the landscape surrounding beauty.
Sometimes design is done for several windows, connected to each other at an angle by means of a special attachment – oriel pipe. Sometimes it may be separate windows that are inserted into separate radial openings around the bay.

Windows for bay

Bay and bow windows replacement Sacramento CA Windows for bay are more expensive and more complex in terms of technology, product, rather than the traditional plastic windows. Still we offer reasonably cheap bay windows and bay windows for sale. Almost every window needs individual measurements with a preliminary calculation of possible wind loads. However, longer period of preparation pays off an impressive result: bay and bow window look really impressive.
Bay windows and doors are composed of profiles, glass and special bay connector. They may be manufactured of PVC profile , aluminum or wood. Double glazing can be simple or specialized: energy saving, shock-proof or tinted. If desired, they can be equipped with bay window stained glass or film.

Step by step

Bay and bow windows replacement Sacramento CA Assembling bay windows is a step by step connection between a separate window frames on the perimeter of the projecting part of the building. It would have been impossible without the special bay profile mentioned earlier. It allows you to rotate the frames relative to each other. There are small bay windows and large bay windows, bay windows that open or not.
The house, decorated with a bay window – a rather complex structure, and the window for this part, of course, can not be produced by the standard procedure. During the preparatory work required for a thorough metering opening, which further allows to adjust accurately for joining several plastic windows, which may even be different in size. Compound structures under certain angle (any angle differing from 90 ° – 180 °) oriel provided by pipes, which represents a special connection with reinforcing profile.

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Installation works of bay windows may be trusted only to professionals with extensive experience, even a minor error can lead to serious problems, which are quite expensive to fix. Multiple windows are collected into a single structure and securely fastened to the window opening. As in the general case, the installation of such windows involves a thorough hydro and noise insulation.
Since the bay window completely follows the curve of the bay, its design should strictly follow predetermined lines and proportions of the house ledge. Furthermore as a result of work bay pipe as the outer and inner side become almost invisible. Great accuracy also requires fabrication and installation of roofs and drainage, as water in any case should not fall into the oriel pipe.

Bay windows, thanks to a large area of glazing and the ability to accurately follow the shape of the protruding part of the building, has recently become increasingly used for the construction of modern multi-storey buildings and individual houses.

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  • 80% of whom are ready to recommend our company
  • Only proven reliable components and manufactures
  • Highly qualified staff at every stage
  • All the necessary quality certificates of conformity ( air leakage resistance, water penetration resistance, structural load, deflection performance, operating force, forced entry resistance)
  • Record life of PVC windows (up to 70 years!). Lifetime warranty on some of our windows
  • Wide range of colors and materials
  • Reasonable prices. You earn more, than spend due to increase in house value and energy saving
  • low-maintenance and easy cleaning

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It is enough to make just one phone call and we will send the gager to your house free of charge:

  • possible error of measurements is less than a millimeter
  • gager will give technical advice and select the best energy-efficient windows option specially for your house

Specifically under your order, according to the standards, the factory will produce the windows with an accuracy of 1 mm.
Within a specified time we will deliver the windows from the factory, experienced staff will remove old ones and carefully install new, remove the garbage, wash your new windows to glow and smile, provide long-term guarantee, up to a lifetime (on some types). The same apply to replacement bay window.
We will set date and time of State inspector visit, who will check the work and sign a corresponding document, verifying quality.

We carry out a full cycle of replacement windows – check, evaluation, measurement, getting Building Permit, windows delivery, installation, garbage disposal after dismantling, formalization in inspection.

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