Casement Windows: Superior Style and Refined Design for Your House

casement windows replacement Sacramento CA What can provide your premises with a stunning accent and simple beauty more than casement windows? If you are visiting the page it means the thought has already come into your mind and you are ready to regard this option for your house. But what are casement windows and why they are so popular nowadays? There are many things that make those so attractive for house owners – let’s regard them all.

Casement windows – an easy way to add charm to your rooms

casement windows replacement Sacramento CA If you still don’t know what is a casement window – no worries, below you’ll get an explicit information on the matter. First of all, the name comes from the structure of the windows – they are split as a rule into 2 panes and feature a hinge at the sides of the frame. Thus, these windows are opened and closed like a huge book. Depending on the type, one can swing this window either out or in.
You can also opt for double casement windows – these bring more elegant looks and they are more optional as both sashes operate or both of them can be fixed.

Despite the variety of types and models

casement windows replacement Sacramento CA Despite the variety of types and models, a casement window traditionally features several major parts:

  • Exquisitely designed frame that will become an additional decoration for your premises;
  • Glass area – to provide your room with a maximum infusion of a daylight;
  • Window Jamb, traditionally rather narrow, underlining the airy style of the whole construction;
  • Crank mechanism – it should be smooth and easy-to-handle. There should be no strain applied to close or open your crank windows.
  • Hardware. This is traditionally made of stainless still to provide house owners with effortless hinge operating;
  • Crank handle, both stylish and functional at the same time.
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Casement windows – then and now
The history of casement windows comes back to medial Europe where such types of windows were widely used in public building and churches, although their variations were far from exquisite compared to those days. As to a wooden sash – it’s considered to be a relatively modern development and it was found in the most refined houses of 18 century. And, of course, the house owners of those days were greatly limited in their options.

The up-to-date window casement looks much modernized and feature enhanced functions compared to its predecessors. Nowadays, everyone has a great variety of options when it comes to picking up the casement window sizes, design, color solution, material and other features. One can pick up a window that suits perfectly his personal needs and tastes, ordering a set featuring contemporary or traditional design and choosing from more than 8 traditional exterior colors. With this type of windows house owners are not limited in anything – if you need small casement windows for a limited space for example – you’ll get it.

Casement style windows is a rather popular choice for many house owners in all parts of the world nowadays. These windows are a preferable option for those people who live in warmer climates and enjoy nice weather the most time of a year, such as we do in Sacramento Ca. They are not very expensive, and many people can easily afford to have them installed in their flats or houses.

Hinged windows are a perfect union of style and simplicity, and this is also true when it comes to installing. It may seem pretty complicated at the first sight, but in fact the majority of installation processes can be completed just in one day.
A+ Construction Pro not only provides a great variety of casement windows of all types, but we are also proud to have an experienced stuff that is always ready to offer professional assistance when it comes to installing and further maintenance or handling possible problems with the casements.

The costs for casement windows vary sufficiently and the final price will greatly depend on the following factors: glazing, material, security and, of course, size. Glass choice and brand are also of sufficient importance. In general calculation, the price for one casement may vary from 300-700 dollars, making this type of windows quite affordable to the majority of people who do care about the beauty and quality of their house interior.

Pros and cons
To make a reasonable choice one should consider all the major points, thus let us have a look what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the hinged windows in your premises.


  • Security
  • Air tight seal
  • Reflect heat and the majority of UV
  • Provides impressive saving on electricity bills
  • Easy to close and open
  • Accident safety
  • Provides so called thermal blanket to your rooms
  • Enhanced options for an esthetic design
  • Structural rigidity
  • Noise reduction


  • No air conditioners accepted due to the construction peculiarities
  • Limits to size options
  • Obstruction. This window won’t be of use next to walkway for example
  • No screens can be used

Casement windows – are undoubtedly a product that meets any architectural need. Should you choose them to become an exquisite decoration for your home, A+ Construction Pro will be highly honored to earn your business!

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