Double hung replacement windows

Double hung windows to add peculiarity to your home

Double hung replacement windows Sacramento CA Double hung windows entail two operating movable panels – sashes that slide up and down, letting fresh air come from above, from below or both. They look like two attached windows installed vertically. Since sashes do not open outwards, they are a brilliant choice for premises facing playgrounds, walkways or porches. Why are double hung windows so eagerly sought? This type of windows has been used for many years, tracing its roots to the Victorian Epoch, and still it remains extremely popular in the USA, especially in Sacramento CA, and Canada. Double hung replacement windows are unbeaten when it comes to ventilation. But the great advantage of these windows is that they have a lovely aesthetic appearance. They are very convenient too as can be replaced without efforts.

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Traditionally, double hung windows consist of the following parts:

Types of frame
Sash windows offered by A+ Construction Pro are available in various frames: vinyl, steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, composite and whatever custom material you may want. Though wood double hung windows are not a budget choice (average prices vary from $150 to $1,000, depending upon material and design), they really deserve their value as these windows never wear out, while providing the highest level of support. Such windows are the best example of weather resistance, strength and sound insulation.

Double hung wood replacement windows do not afford the sun energy to come through the frame what makes them thermal controlling too! There is a common misconception that such windows are liable to expansion and decay. But if double hung wood windows are made by a reliable producer, which has a full responsibility for the production quality, these anxieties are out of the question.

Types of glass, used in double hung windows, boggle the imagination: heat-absorbing glazing, insulated glass, low-emissivity, spectrally selective and reflective coatings on the glass, or smoked glazing.

Window frames and glass are available in more than 300 color solutions, design and grill options like colonial, prairie, or farmhouse.

Double hung window sizes
Standard double hung windows come is following popular sizes: 24 inch × 36 inch, 24 inch × 46 inch, 28 inch × 54 inch, 28 inch × 66 inch, 28 inch × 70 inch, 34 inch × 46 inch and 34 inch × 62 inch. This is a double hung window sizes chart that includes all the standard patterns for this sort of windows. Obviously, the chart cannot reflect custom size and design as they are unique. But you always can order hung windows that will satisfy all your specific requirements.



Key advantages of double hung windows

  • Double hung casement windows are easy to clean. You wash both sashes of a window from inside your house – you just slightly pull the sash towards you and immediately have an access to all the sections of a window. This is why double sash windows are so prioritized among forward-thinking house owners.
  • Smart ventilation of double hung window sash is beyond comparison. This sort of windows is opened from the top and bottom simultaneously! Cool air goes through the bottom, while hot air escapes from the top! Airflow has never been so effective.
  • A double hung window is incredibly energy sufficient as it is provided with weather stripping. Each window goes with 2-3 panes of glass and gas between the layers. This solution makes windows super insulated. Now they are able to keep the heat inside and the cool – outside.
  • Such windows demonstrate matchless versatility as they fit with any style and home type whether it is a cottage, town residence or flat. They are produced in numerous shapes, various sizes and all-possible colors. White double hung windows are timeless bestseller, while black double hung windows are a trend of progressive people, who get with it. Though, you will face no difficulties if you want a custom-designed color for your windows.

The only disadvantage about these windows is that they allow much moisture inside home if opened the whole day round. And moisture can provoke mold and mildew. But if you do cleaning regularly, these problems are not about you.

Mounting of double hung windows does not present any challenge for a do-it-yourselfer, who feels comfortable to use tools, though professional installation is required as every sash has its own algorithm of installation so that the process can take too long.

Maintenance of this kind of windows is quite easy. To clean them, you do not need to have special cleaning equipment, just a brush with soft bristles to avoid scratching and favorite window cleaner are enough. To make the windows’ spirals work properly, just open the sashes regularly. This facilitates the spiral balances to work longer and to prevent the oil lubricant inside the rails from drying up.

Before lubricating the rails, make sure to remove dust, debris and mud with a dry cloth from them. Then you need to deprive the surface of fat. Use two parts of vinegar and one part of hot water for this. Then spray lubricant onto a cloth and wipe the substance into the rails and along a jamb liner. Try not to spray lubricant on glass – the stains are hard to be removed. Open and close the windows some times to let lubricant spread evenly.

Double hung windows for sale is a good chance to revolutionize your home and interior, make it marvelous and outstanding. They can visually enlarge a small bedroom or tiny kitchen, emphasize a good taste of a village cottage owner and turn a city residence into a fashionable apartment.

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