Double pane windows

Double pane windows

Double pane windows Double pane windows perfectly fit modern households with their high energy saving efficiency and stylish look. This is one of the most advanced solutions available in the market. Double pane windows provide any household with one distinctive pivotal advantage – incredible energy efficiency. This is especially important for those living in private estates where saving energy means cost efficient living.

The foundation of efficiency

Double pane windows When quality and energy efficiency are your biggest priorities, you have to take a closer look at dual pane windows. The construction of these windows features one of the most advanced yet simplest solutions. Two panes capsulate vacuum between them ensuring that the heat exchange is reduced to its minimum. This makes dual panes extremely efficient preventing heat from getting out during winters and keeping it outside during summers.
Additionally, the variety of available materials make energy saving even more efficient.
Traditional list of materials includes:

  • PVC. Vinyl double pane windows are highly efficient due to low energy conduction of plastic. Also, PVC is relatively cheap.
  • Fiberglass. This material is light and incredibly durable. It is one of the best choices for those searching for long-lasting solutions.
  • Aluminum. Metals are obviously less energy efficient, but aluminum is great when design is the main priority. This material easily takes any shape and can be used to build unconventional windows.
  • Wood. This is the best natural material when it comes to energy saving. However, one of the biggest downsides of wood is its high cost.

Modern double pane vinyl windows are used in various types of buildings. They are significantly more expensive compared to their one panel counterparts. The reason for a higher price is not only slightly more complicated manufacturing process, but also the fact that we simply use more materials to build a window. Obviously, double window pane consists of two glass sheets made of high quality ingredients.
Double pane windows cost slightly more than other windows due to the complications related to the manufacturing process and installation, these windows are slightly heavier and require more care during the installation process. However, double pane windows prices may vary depending on the materials you choose and the amount of windows in your particular project.

Distinct advantages of double pane windows

Double pane windows These windows provide a plethora of benefits including aesthetic appeal, functionality, longevity, and other important factors. You may consider the following when thinking about purchasing double pane windows:

  • Extremely efficient. Various researches showed over 24% decrease in expenditures related to heating for household that install double pane windows. The efficiency of energy saving may be increased up to 50%.
  • Highly reliable. Double pane windows are naturally protecting your household better than other options.
  • Good protection from noise. Vacuum in IGUs also reduces the noise from the outside.
  • Less harm to the environment. Whenever you burn any kind of fuel, you release additional gases to the atmosphere. Using more energy efficient windows means less burn and consequentially less harm to the environment.
  • Various design options. Depending on the materials, you can choose a plethora of finishes, furniture styles, and colors to decorate your windows. Additionally, plastic, aluminum, and fiberglass easily take any shape and can be used to build unusually shaped windows.
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Ordering and installation
Double pane windows require slightly more time to be assembled compared to other types of windows. However, this does not mean that you will wait more than others. The whole process from making an order to enjoying your brand new windows usually takes less than a week. The time needed varies greatly depending on a plethora of factors with the biggest being the size of your project.

The whole process usually consists of several distinct stages:
1. You make an order specifying that you need double pane windows. This takes less than ten minutes.
2. Our specialists arrive to take accurate measurements and discuss your project in details. This may take a couple of hours.
3. We will carefully build your windows and prepare them for installation. Usually manufacturing takes less than 2-3 days. However, if you choose specific materials or your windows have unconventional sized and shapes, the process may take longer.
4. Our team will deliver your windows and install them. This process takes less than a day on average. Big projects may require multiple work days or additional workers to finish it faster.
We will clean the place after the installation process, but you will have to prepare your household for it. Our specialists will give you a warranty and explain how to take care of your windows. The whole process won’t take more than a week even for a relatively big project!

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