Large casement windows

Large casement windows

Large casement windows Large casement windows ideally solve the problem of ventilation in spacious rooms. Oftentimes, such windows have various ways to be opened allowing for more versatility and utility. The problem of ventilation is more than persistent in hot regions where air conditioning is not only expensive, but often less efficient than simple ventilation without air cooling. Large casement windows solve this problem elegantly while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your household.

Flexible solution for your house

Large casement windows A double or triple casement window will fit perfectly in any room in your household regardless of its utility purposes. The only room where installing such windows could be questionable is bathroom. Large casement windows provide a wide field of view allowing you to enjoy great views from your room. At the same time, ventilation efficiency makes these windows more than suitable for kitchens.
Modern windows are made of materials that enable better energy saving. This relates to casement windows as well. There is no definitive choice between the variety of available materials and it often comes to design preferences and prices.

  • PVC. Vinyl is the most popular material mostly due to its low price and low heat conduction. These two factors make vinyl casement windows look like a very good long term investment.
  • Wood. This is a natural material with attractive textures. As any other natural material, wood costs slightly more than other materials in the vast majority of cases.
  • Aluminum. Metal is a more contemporary solution. The biggest advantages of aluminum are its lightweight and flexibility. However, on conventional square casement windows these advantages have minimal impact.
  • Fiberglass is a highly durable and long lasting material. Its heat conduction is close to that of plastic, but fiberglass is undeniably a stronger material.

While you can definitely choose one of the standard options and go for conventional windows (examples are: 24×36 casement window or 36×72 casement window), no one stops you from choosing to install a window with an unconventional form or additional sashes if necessary. Individually designed windows cost slightly more than standard options, but the price difference usually depends only on the amount of additional features and furniture.

Distinct advantages of casement windows

Large casement windows The amount of obvious advantages is big enough to warrant for a long list, but we will focus on the most important benefits of installing large casement windows:

  • Functionality. These windows are convenient to use with large casements moving freely on hinges. You can also have multiple hinges and special furniture to control how you open the window. With a single move of your hand you can turn your hopper window into an awning window.
  • Great ventilation. Large casements open widely enabling stronger and better ventilation which is extremely good for any household, but will be invaluable for estates situated in hot regions.
  • Design variety. With various colors and finishes available for any chosen material, you can definitely decorate your house in the way you would like to. You can also add some flavor with fancy furniture.
  • Fits everywhere. Usually, casement windows are opened and closed with convenient handles and levers. This is why these windows are perfectly fitting rooms where accessing windows may be a problem (for example, kitchen).
  • Energy efficiency. Better ventilation will spare you unnecessary expenses on air conditioning during hot summers. At the same time, modern windows help saving money on heating during cold winters due to low heat conduction.
  • Flexibility. Casement windows can be installed in any room and the size of the window does not matter. In case you have hole in the wall for a wide panoramic window, you can simply order a triple casement window and enjoy its functionality.
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Ordering and installation
Casement windows are easier to install than some other windows that may require more time to assemble. However, the process still may take a long time depending on the amount of windows you want to install. Usually, one window takes less than 2 days to build and install.
The process is separated in multiple steps:
1. Consult with one of our specialist and make an order for a casement window. Make sure to ask about everything that concerns you.
2. Our specialists will arrive shortly and measure your windows. Precise measurements are more than important for the project.
3. We will build your windows on our facilities and prepare them for the installation. This is one the most time consuming processes and requires about 2-3 days to be finished.
4. Our team will deliver the windows to your household and install them. This process may require more than a day depending on the difficulty of the installation process (working above ground floor or installing unconventionally shaped windows).

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