Modern bay windows perfectly

Modern bay window Modern bay windows perfectly fit any household that needs something unconventional yet functional. Bay windows is a perfect solution for a small room or kitchen. With their versatility and functionality, bay windows are great additions any style of exterior and blend seamlessly with any other external house decorations. At the same time, a contemporary bay window enables better energy usage in your household.

Apparent advantages of modern bay windows

Modern bay window One of the biggest advantages provided by these windows is making any room functionally and visually more spacious. However, this is not the only benefit of contemporary bay windows.
There are distinct advantages in installing them:

  • Additional storage space. While many consider this advantage insignificant, having more space to store various items can be detrimental for a small room and kitchen in particularity. Bay windows can be used to store supplies or provide space for plants.
  • Energy saving. Modern bay windows are usually insulated glass modules made of materials that have low heat conduction. This makes bay windows extremely energy efficient. Your household will need less energy for air conditioning and heating.
  • Wider field of view. Bay windows have a very big advantage over many other types of windows. They provide a panoramic view of surroundings making it much lovelier to enjoy your morning coffee sitting next to the window.
  • Adding to the aesthetic value. Your house will definitely look much better with bay windows that elegantly change the very shape of the building and make if look gracious. Modern windows look stylish and compact, but certainly attract attention.
  • Better lighting. Due to panoramic view and extended space, bay windows attract more sunlight and make rooms brighter. This also helps in saving your budget from unnecessary expenses. You will simply need less lighting devices in the room.

Other advantages include design diversity. With lots of finishes and colors available for each of materials, you can surely order a window that will blend with the style of your household. Additionally, you can decorate your windows with functional yet unconventional furniture. Bay windows themselves are perfect additions to the harmony of exterior and interior design.

Various materials – various advantages

Modern bay window You can choose from several materials and make sure that your windows serve their purposes fully. Some materials are cheaper than others and all of them offer a different set of benefits to your household.

  • Vinyl is probably the most popular choice due to its low cost, variety of colors, and low heat conduction. The vast majority of modern bay windows in Sacramento CA are made of PVC. It is a lightweight, durable, and functional material.
  • Wood is the choice for those who value natural beauty and luxury over everything else. Nothing can compete with the aesthetic appeal of wood. At the same time, wood is also durable and doesn’t conduct heat well.
  • Aluminum. This is the go-to material when you need to build a window of an unconventional shape. Aluminum easily takes any shape and can be used for the most technically difficult projects.
  • Fiberglass is extremely durable and notorious for its longevity. This the best solution when robustness and reliability are your most important priorities.
  • Composite materials are less popular, but some believe that they will soon be the most optimal choice for any household. Combining strengths of various materials allows us to create windows with even better utility properties.

For our windows we use only high quality glass panes and reliable furniture. We believe that selling a high quality product is the best type of advertising. You will receive the warranty on every single window.

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Ordering contemporary bay windows
Modern bay windows may take slightly more time to install than many other types of windows. There are obvious complications related to the form, construction, and calculation of each separate window. Considering that an average project consists of multiple bay windows, the amount of time needed for the whole cycle may be bigger than you expect.
The process is separated into multiple consecutive stages:
1. You place an order for your modern bay window. Our team will arrive to your household and check if it is possible to install bay windows.
2. Our team will take accurate measurements and inform you about preparations that you will have to make so that the installation process will go smoothly.
3. We will manufacture windows using our measurements and prepare them for further installation. This process may take up to a week, depending on the scale of your project.
4. Our specialists will deliver the windows and install them in a timely fashion. The installation process itself takes 1-3 days, also depending on the scale of your project.

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