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Garden Window – A Little Greenhouse in Your Kitchen

Replacement garden window Sacramento CA Add an elegant touch to your interiors and bring the outdoors inside without sacrificing comfort by choosing a garden window. It comes with side ventilation and a wide windowsill, this is perfect for growing small house plantings, flowers, and herbs. Consider installing a greenhouse window for bringing much more natural light to any room of your house.
Garden windows are frequently called box windows, they’re three-dimensional extending out from the building. They’re also fitted with side vents to provide a gentle breeze. Because of its extension beyond the house, you don’t want to install a greenhouse window in places near patios, sidewalks or any exterior decorations. The most appropriate room for these windows is definitely a kitchen.

Benefits and Advantages

Replacement garden window Sacramento CA Our garden windows for kitchen give the illusion of greater space in a room. It’s similar to garden bay windows, but is usually smaller and cover only the window area.

Imagine all the possibilities a garden window for kitchen can give:

  • An amazing panoramic view of your garden or backyard;
  • You’ll always fresh herbs and vegetables growing on a window shelf all year long;
  • An expanded kitchen work space;
  • You’ll always have small kitchen essentials at your fingertips.

Whether you’re fully remodeling

Replacement garden window Sacramento CA Whether you’re fully remodeling or constructing your home, A+ Construction Pro custom made garden windows is what you need. All our kitchen planter windows are built-to-order. You may ether have a traditional or contemporary home, we always ready to tailor a garden kitchen window to complete a Victorian, Colonial, Prairie, or Mediterranean houses. This kind of window will look perfect in with any architecture style.

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Framing Materials
A percentage of replacement garden window’s energy efficiency hinges on existing framing materials.

Most manufactures make greenhouse windows for kitchens with materials such as:

  • naturally durable wood – Oak, Mahogany, Cedar, Maple, etc.;
  • low-cost aluminum;
  • waterproof cost-saving vinyl;
  • well-insulated sturdy fiberglass;
  • long-lasting composite materials.

Our greenhouse kitchen windows are glazed with high-class glass and for further insulation there are options for double or triple panes. We can also pump krypton or argon gas in gaps between the pains to achieve the maximum energy saving.

Garden Window Sizes and Prices
Basic greenhouse windows for kitchens are approximately 50-inches high, and 40-inches wide, and cost from $930 to $950. Aluminum framing is more expensive then that. It’s about $1000. And vinyl garden window prices are priced at around $1200. Adding tempered glass may increase the window price by 20 %, and using low emissivity glass (Low-E Glass) increases cost by extra 10 %.
Just a little tip: when purchasing a custom garden window, you don’t really want low emissivity glass because the rays of Sun help your plantings grow.

How to Save Money on Greenhouse Windows
Many stores offer garden windows for sale, and may seasonally slash prices. Your best option is to wait for a sale and purchase items stores want to get rid of before new models hit the shelves. You also can find factory direct stores such as A+ Construction Pro, serving Sacramento, CA for over 12 years. We offer high-quality windows at the best prices in Northern California. Browse though our website to see our deals!

How to Install Garden Windows
To be sure a purchased window is best for your house, you should measure garden window sizes properly. Firstly, you have to remove the old window because all the measurements should be based on its opening size. Don’t forget to remove any nails and trim pieces! That means you have to spend a little time living with the opening in the wall covered with plywood, PE foil, etc.
Installing a greenhouse window kit usually takes about 2 up to 3 hours and passes through several stages:

  • Careful inspection of the new window
  • Checking the fit of the garden window (dry-fitting)
  • Applying metal flashing to the top corners of the window
  • Applying flashing around the opening
  • Fitting the new greenhouse window to its place
  • Nailing the window through a nailing flange

After that, it’s time to trim out the window with moldings and add some finishing touches to the exterior.
Get Rid of Condensation
Yes, it’s the main window care advice, especially when you chose a wooden model. Growing plants in the greenhouse window, you should avoid humidity. That’s because condensation causes damage to the framing, and the wall around it. Remember to paint the wooden windows to prevent them from rotting out, and don’t forget to wipe the shelves and framing with a soft cloth to keep it clean and shiny!

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