Retrofit windows – wonderful way to improve your house!

Retrofit windows If you are planning to refresh the look of your house then the window retrofit will be the best choice for you. This solution will also be helpful if your existing windows are installed incorrectly or do not provide the necessary level of energy effectiveness. It will be significantly cheaper then the whole renovation works. You do not need to change the window frame. The process is rather simple and quick.

Benefits of retrofit windows

Retrofit windows Several reasons make the homeowners think about windows retrofitting:

  • the ability to increase the energy efficiency of their windows;
  • fast payback by reducing heating bills;
  • this procedure is the best choice for old houses;
  • improving the house design without significant investments;
  • retrofitting of windows will increase your house’s cost if you are planning to sell it;
  • retrofit windows prices are significantly lower than the prices for the installation of the completely new windows;
  • you can improve your house’s appearance in record time;
  • you do not need to change the exterior window frames surroundings anyhow;
  • you can easily choose the style, color and shape of the window in accordance with you requires and wishes.

By installing such windows you will be able to control the temperature in the rooms of your house and not to suffer from heat in summer and cold in winter.

The peculiarities of installation

Retrofit windows
The retrofitting of the windows is rather popular nowadays. They have the exterior frame and the flush fin that are beyond the surface. Flush fin fixes the window in the right place. Vinyl retrofit windows are in great demand due to the fact that they are perfectly combined with glass. They allow making window tinting that is popular in modern design solutions.
The whole installation process is divided into several steps. Here is their brief description:

    • Step 1.

It is extremely important to make all the necessary measurements. The existing frames remain without any changes. Only the opening inside the frames is needed to measure.

    • Step 2.

The existent window panels are to be removed. You also need to drill 3 holes on each side, on the top inclusively.

    • Step 3.

Around the frame a bead of caulk is placed and only then the retrofitted window is installed in the frame. Check if everything is correctly installed by opening and closing the window.

    • Step 4.

Then it is necessary to drill the screws in the drilled holes and remove the sliding panel.

    • Step 5.

To provide the extra security a caulking is applied round the screw and into the clearance from the outside the house. It allows protecting the house from the water leakage.

    • Step 6.

The final part is the insulation with special device R-13 insulation.

It is better to entrust the installation of the retrofit windows to the professionals. If you want to get quality service at a reasonable price, contact A+ Construction Pro Company. Our specialist will do work qualitatively and fast. Retrofit windows cost depends on several factors, such as the chosen material and type of the window.

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Types of retrofit windows material
Such windows can be made of UPVC, wood, vinyl, fiber, aluminum or from the composed materials. All these materials have their own features and benefits:

  • wooden material is traditional and very popular due to its classic look. Nevertheless they need special maintenance and their cost is rather high;
  • UPVC windows are also popular because they are lightweight and have a long operation period;
  • fiberglass windows also have quite attractive characteristics and cost;
  • aluminum samples are characterize by durability and wear-resistance;
  • vinyl windows can improve your house design due to great variety of colors and shapes. They are rather affordable at price and can be custom-made in accordance with your requirements.

No matter what material you choose the installation of the retrofit window will always be less expensive, faster and cleaner than the new ones.

Styles of retrofit windows
By choosing the right style of the windows you can easily upgrade the exterior and interior look of your house.
There are many variants to choose:

  • double hung retrofit windows are suitable for he houses in traditional classic style;
  • casement samples provide necessary ventilation and will be perfectly combined with any design solutions;
  • sliding retrofit windows are the best if they overlook a beautiful walkways or patio;
  • awning windows allow ventilating rooms even in rainy and windy days;
  • picture windows are combined with any window styles used in your home design;
  • bay retrofit windows visually enlarge the space and make the room much brighter.

To sum up, you can upgrade your house look according to your wishes without installation of new windows. It is enough to retrofit the existing ones to get extremely new design.
For city dwellers of Sacramento CA A+ Construction Pro Company offers various styles of retrofit windows made of different materials. They are perfect for any home design and have all the necessary technique characteristics. Our professionals will perform all installation works qualitatively and fast.

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