Round Top Windows

Round windows replacement Sacramento CA Round top window is often referred to as arched, radius, circular window and even eyebrow window. That’s a simple way to get impressive look for your home. Such windows are beautiful and sophisticated adding a shade of ancient value to your residence. They are truly striking from the aesthetic point of view enhancing the design of almost any place inhabited by humans.

Parts & Hardware

Round windows replacement Sacramento CA The bottom part of a round window is rectangular and the top part is arch-shaped. Round top windows gently juxtapose typical rectangular walls. They are usually fixed to only let the light in, but in some cases, they can be made operable for airing.

Circle window consists of basic hardware:

  • Fixed Panel – the one you won’t be able to operate.
  • Mullion – horizontal and vertical bars combining glass parts of the window together.
  • Grilles and Dividers – one of the most common ways to “personify” your basic arched window. They are smaller bars dividing the window into smaller glass sections. They never serve as connecting parts (like mullions) – they are used for aesthetics. They can be either exterior or interior. Exterior look more natural, while interior ones make the cleaning process easier.

Round top part can be installed separately or unite several windows at a time.

Historical Fact

Round windows replacement Sacramento CA Circular window was an extremely popular Roman architectural element. The top part of a round window opens up inner space and adds freshness to the room even if the curtain is closed. Nowadays, a semicircle window adds architectural variety to your home being a timeless element of design.

Half Circle Window & Interior
Use them anywhere you want in your house – there are no special rules restricting their usage, but remember that they are mostly suitable for high ceiling rooms. They create architectural drama in dining rooms and living rooms, cause these areas are usually initially spacious. Add a circle window to your bathroom or attic if you’re longing to get some natural light in. Detached house owners often combine round-top windows with their front door for a more finished look.

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Colors, Shapes, Sizes
If you’re looking for round windows for sale, don’t forget that the choice is wide. Here are the basic options:

  • Fixed Arched Windows – the majority of round top windows on the market. Mostly used for the sake of aesthetics in churches. Provide you with a lot of light depriving you of ventilation and a possibility to leave the room in case of emergency. At home, they have to be mixed with opening windows in one room. However, they are perfect for wet stormy weather with minimum maintenance.
  • Opening Arched Windows – go together with double hung construction. You’ll get airflow, but an unobstructed view will be available with a largely opened window.
  • Multi-Window Arch – created on the base of several panels forming a large arched configuration. These are rectangular windows topped with a semicircle upper part.

Like other window types, round top window hardware is made of natural wood and fiberglass. Oval vinyl windows and aluminum windows are also possible. The shapes are different, starting from a usual circle and half circle and finishing with octagon, pentagon and trapezoid formed top window parts.

It’s not that easy. A half round window requires a proper sized opening that is harder to create than for a typical rectangular window. This work should be done professionally and the window should be properly framed. A properly installed arched window is weatherproofed. Contact A+ Construction Pro for more info.

Pros & Cons

  • Unique look with undeniable aesthetic impact.
  • Wide variety of shapes and styles.
  • Become eye-catching serving as central elements of design.
  • Let extra light in through the top round part while the curtains are closed.


  • It’s pricey because of non-standard shapes and sizes.
  • Have mostly fixed frames – ventilation is an exceptional extra option not always available.

Non-standard shapes and sizes of round top windows make them quite costly. Installation is also expensive. Full replacement of such window is pricey too.

Round top windows are quite challenging for cleaning. Hiring a professional is great, but it’s possible to do it yourself. Here are some useful tips:
Cleaning Products
Get something streak-free and gentle for the frame. Frame can be washed with plain soap and water. Dish soap may cause streaking.
The best solution is a squeegee. No streaks and static.
The outside part of the window should be washed twice a year. Remove cobwebs, start with the frame and let it dry before you pass on to the glass areas.
It’s the same as with the outside parts. Remember, that scrubbing the glass isn’t necessary – high quality cleaning solutions do it.
Sacramento CA cares about its clients – don’t hesitate and contact our specialists for a free consultation. Fill your house with light and romance of ancient times with our round top windows.

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