Single pane windows

Single-Pane Windows

Single pane windows Single pane windows belong to older designs. A number of American homes have these good-old windows with only one glass panel. They are not always convenient. What if these single PANE windows become single PAIN windows? They fill our rooms with a lot more daylight than the others, however, there are some key points you should pay attention to.
Traditional Design
Double- and triple-pane windows were invented in the modern world. Single-pane windows are purely a tradition. Due to their simplicity, they are mostly found in older houses. Their charm is undeniable mostly due to their historical value. That’s a priceless element of the home’s design. Single pane windows had been popular in architecture of the 1980s. Later they were replaced by pricier and more convenient models.

Single-Pane Windows & Interior

Single pane windows It’s always a traditional choice both for construction and remodeling. Perfect for families with tight budgets. They become an ideal match for tool sheds, garages, and other outbuildings that don’t need to be heated. However, new technologies made them durable and energy-efficient. New models of single-pane windows are even covered with special coating that tints them. It also helps to protect your room from UV-rays. This saves your furniture from fading. From the aesthetic point of view, these windows will suit any house due to their traditional value.

Single-Pane Windows Types & Materials

Single pane windows Good news is that single-pane windows of modern world are extremely different from those manufactured in the 80-s. A number of brands provides their single-glass products with useful features, like energy-saving, heat-reflection and insulated frames. Here’s a brief description of main single-pane window types:

  • Single hung windows. Simple and traditional. Besides, it’s an operable window. Old variants were created with a special sash weight to keep your window open. Today’s models use a window track. If you need to accurately replace a historical window, it’s your choice.
  • Picture windows. It’s a fixed window following the standards of architecture of the past. They are as simple as possible – a frame and one glass panel.
  • Casement Windows. These ones use a crank for opening. It makes them desirable for the lovers of large openings to air the rooms.
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A color tint option for a single-pane window can either reflect the light or shade it. This way heat coming from the outside is also reduced. It works especially nice in warm climates.
Color options:

  • Glass color. Brown, grey, blue or black are used for tinting and making the glass reflective. Besides, coloring enhances your home’s privacy.
  • Frame color. White, earth-tones or greens are most popular here. It gives a chance to get vivid colors for the exterior of your home. Make sure the panels of the windows are made of paintable materials.

Single-Pane Windows & Accessories
Many years of usage became the result of creation of a number of window accessories of all colors, designs and functionality you could ever imagine. Window latches, handles and lifts are now available in numerous finishes, in antique and modern styles. But these are decorative elements mostly.
Attractive windows are important for a traditional choice. But you should also remember that single-pane windows aren’t energy efficient and the accessories must work to save energy.
Let’s observe the key points:

  • Storm panels. Used to get read of radiant heat intrusion. Adjusted to windows of all sizes and shapes.
  • Screens. Used for ventilation.
  • Sealing kits. Used for sealing out the drafts.

If you decide to do it yourself (which is not recommended if you have no experience in windows installation and replacement), here’s a list of things you need to get before you start:

  • Goggles to protect your eyes
  • Gloves
  • Towel
  • Hammer
  • Long pliers
  • A measuring tape
  • A chisel
  • A glass for replacement
  • A special knife for putty
  • Glazing compound
  • A paint brush

The Process
1. Removing the Window. Use a tape to create a big “X” on both surfaces of a glass panel. Use a towel to cover it and gently hammer it. Put on the gloves to protect your hands and get glass shards out. Remove the glazing with a chisel and apply primer on the wood. Let it dry. Measure your window and get a replacement glass. It should be 1/8 inch smaller than the dimensions of the window.
2. Installing the Replacement Glass. Carefully caulk the outer frame part. Press the replacement glass panel into the caulk.
3. Finishing. Clean the glass and finish with the glazing. Give your window a week to become secure, then you can paint it. Position the window with a metal frame for more security.

Pros & Cons

  • Has a traditional look that suits all types of homes.
  • Provides with more daylight.
  • Saves money.
  • Simple to repair and replace.


  • Low energy efficiency, which is bad for the countries with constant weather and temperature changes. You’ll have to pay more to keep you home warm and comfortable to live in with these windows. However, modern technologies help to reduce this negative effect.

They are the cheapest among other window types (double- and triple-pane variants). Single-pane windows also cost less if you need to repair or replace them.
Clean your windows twice a year. Single-pane windows are quite fragile – cleaning the dirt should be done as careful as possible. You don’t want it to get decayed, do you?
Get a cleanser with alcohol. It destroys both dirt and bacteria. Besides, it does not erode the glass. Use a newspaper to wipe away the cleanser – it will give a nice sparkle.
Sacramento CA is constantly striving for customers’ satisfaction. Whenever you’re busy with a new construction or you simply need to do a window replacement, contact our specialists. They’ll be able to discuss the pros and cons of single-pane windows.

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