Single hung window replacement

Single hung window

Single hung windows replacement Sacramento CA Single hung window is a perfect example of traditionalism in design passed towards modern all-around efficient solutions. Such windows have upper sash fixed in place with the lower one being perfectly operable. This is a design solution common for the western world and has been here since forever. No wonder, many households are equipped with such windows.

An SH window provides a whole array of various advantages with the most notable one being its price. This is #1 reason why people choose single hung options. The price is considerably lower compared to double hung variants or other types of windows. At the same time, the number of downsides is fairly small and the downsides themselves are merely a small nuisance. Let us summarize the advantages of single hung windows:

  • Simple design and stylish exterior;
  • Easiness of operating the sash;
  • No maintenance needed apart from cleaning.

Cleaning is fairly simple

Single hung windows replacement Sacramento CA Use soft cloth and liquid solvents. The problem with single hung windows is fixed upper sash that may make cleaning harder. Double hung windows are much easier to clean due to the fact that both sashes can be tilted.
Single hung and double hung windows were quite popular for as long as we started using windows in their modern shape. This is a convenient design solution, practical, and simple. Such windows provide household with enough ventilation and keeps the air inside fresh while providing an appropriate level of energy saving due to physical properties of the materials.

Saving energy

Single hung windows replacement Sacramento CA Just like any other insulated glass unit, vinyl single hung windows enable better energy efficiency. Vinyl is one of the most common and cheap materials. This material has a plethora of physical and mechanical properties that make windows better in every single way.

The list of important material properties consists of the following:

  • Durability and hardness. PVC is a very durable material despite its light weight. Vinyl windows are highly resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Longevity. Vinyl windows will serve you for a long time. In fact, we give you a lifetime guarantee on some of our models. Yes, the color may darken a little in the very long run, but the window itself will be perfectly operable.
  • Resistance to chemicals. Various chemical re-agents like salts, bases, acids, fats, and others may harm some materials, but PVC is not amongst them. This material is highly resistant to any chemical damage.
  • Fireproof. This is a big point of concern that modern household owners should definitely think of. Yes, even wood is highly protected from fire nowadays, but PVC is inherently fire resistant due to 50% of chlorine in it.
  • Low energy conduction. PVC is a champion when it comes to saving energy. This material allows you to preserve heat or keep your air conditioning unit off longer during hot summer days. Either way, you will save your budget from immense bills.
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Vinyl is not the only material worth considering when choosing the best option for single hung window replacement in Sacramento CA. Aluminum is an all-around great solution that costs more, but remains the most optimal for constructing unusually shaped windows. Wood is a great choice for those who prefer natural materials and authentic interiors. Composite materials provide you with even better energy saving. Fiberglass is highly durable and also notorious for its energy saving capabilities.

However, single hung vinyl windows are more common due to the most important advantage – price. PVC is cheap on its own and the very construction of an SH window is much simpler compared to double hung windows. Usually, the difference in price between double hung and single hung options is roughly 15%. While this difference does not sound like a lot, when piled together for a big project, the difference may reach thousands of dollars.

Design options
Depending on the material type, you will have a wide range of color choices. You can choose authentic textures, traditional colors, and pick a specific shade if convenient. On the other hand, a plethora of more futuristic solutions are also at your disposal. For example, aluminum has its metallic feeling, composite materials emit an illusion of volume, and wood has its unique natural texture.
While standards are still in place, you can certainly specify your own requirements such as sash sizes and additional decorations. You will also have a rich assortment of window furniture to further increase the aesthetic value of your interior and exterior.

Obviously, we will always provide you with extensive consultations. We also want every project to be different, unique, and beautiful.

Each project is unique
Single hung window sizes are somewhat standardized. However, each project is unique and we approach every single one of them individually designing windows according to precise measurements. In order to estimate the cost of your project, you may refer to a single hung window size chart. This way, our consultants will be able to make a close estimation of your project based on the number and sizes of your windows.
If you have windows of an unusual shape, don’t be worried. The beauty of modern windows is that standards exist only to make things faster and easier. However, even the most complicated projects will be executed in a timely manner. Our professionals will meticulously measure every dimension of your windows, account for geometry and unorthodox shape, and will build perfectly fitting windows for your household!

Pricing and installation
As we mentioned above, every project is unique. Flexible pricing is our pride. We can make a weighty discount for a big project, find for you the best manufacturer, and help you with picking the best option to save you money. Simultaneously, single hung windows are quite cheap and won’t hurt your budget. This is the most cost efficient option available!

The total cost of any project includes a long list of various complementary services including:

  • Measurements, projecting, and estimations.
  • Designing, constructing, and transferring windows.
  • Installing windows.

All these processes usually take less than a week. Installation itself takes about 1-3 days depending on the size of the project.

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