Triple pane replacement windows

Triple-Pane Windows

Triple-Pane Windows A triple window is an insulated unit that consists of three glass panes layered together like a sandwich. Triple pane replacement windows became popular in the beginning of the 80s. The reason is that people wanted better insulation. They are mostly installed in Germany, Sweden and the USA.
Parts & Hardware
Triple-pane windows are secure units with three glass panes. They form an airtight construction with spacers used to fix the panes apart from each other and to seal them. The glass also has a special coating on the surface to protect your room from UV rays. Quite a number of such windows is made with the use of inert gases that fill the inner part of the unit – the reason is that gases serve as perfect insulators.


Triple-Pane Windows The choice is basically always the same. The materials are:

  • Wood. There’s a number of companies producing window frames out of certified wood. Wood performs even better than fiberglass, however, you’ll have to carefully take care of wooden frames. The maintenance is pretty tricky.
  • Vinyl. Frames made of vinyl have a tendency to lose gas filling with the course of time. This material can expand and get deformed when it’s hot and contract because of low temperatures. This usually leads to deformation of seals in the glazing. Besides, vinyl manufacturing is extremely toxic.
  • Aluminum. It’s light, which makes the process of installation easier. However, aluminum frames lose in keeping heat or cold outside.
  • Fiberglass. Best and most sensible choice. Specialists usually advice using fiberglass for frames. Why? Fiberglass lasts long, doesn’t get deformed because of weather changes and is thermally resistant.

Triple glazing results in better thermal resistance together with the gas filling.


Triple-Pane Windows Gas layer for insulation makes double- and triple-pane windows special. Three separated layers of glass are interchanged with two layers of gas (usually argon). When heat or cold passes through all these layers, it simply dissolves in the end without entering your house.
Colors, Shapes, Sizes
Companies dealing with window replacement can suggest quite a number of color options and styles, including a tint option for the surface of the glass (it helps to reflect the sun and protects your privacy). The frames are trimmed depending on your practical and aesthetic desires. Sacramento CA specialists will help you make the most convenient choice.
The only thing we can say is that triple windows should be installed by certified specialists, especially if you’re willing to save some of your money in the future thanks to the windows’ unique qualities.

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Here’s a short list of advantages and disadvantages of triple pane replacement windows:

  • Perfect energy savers.
  • Work best to prevent heat loss, drafts and don’t let unwanted heat get inside.
  • Better sound isolation which makes your interior a lot more comfortable.
  • Extra security – triple windows are quite a challenge for burglars to break through.


  • Quite a pricey option. These windows usually cost a lot more than the double-pane ones. Some manufacturers decided not to produce this type of windows because they are not popular among the consumers (however, we should remember that after installation, triple-pane windows can save significant amount of your cash economized on central heating and conditioning).
  • Window depth and width are significantly increased.
  • Also they leave you with decreased light – they even make the view a bit darker.
  • Cleaning is hard.

Firstly, you need to realize how much you’ll be able to save after you install triple windows. Double-pane windows are twice more efficient in comparison with single ones. Triple-pane windows are 90 percent more effective. They offer more and you’ll have to pay for these unique options if you’re longing to get long-lasting windows for a couple of decades or more. Exact costs may vary depending on the store, but the approximate price range is $100 – $500. If you actually need these windows, but not ready to pay for the full replacement, install them only in colder areas of your house – northern and eastern rooms.

It’s almost the same as with double-pane windows. Use white vinegar mixed with warm water and paper towels or newspaper to make the glass glossy. You can also use cotton gloves not to leave unwanted fingerprints on the glass surface. Use mostly vertical strokes.
If there’s a need to clean the interior parts of the triple window, you’ll have to remove it and it’s better to call certified specialists for help. If your windows are under warranty, they’ll do that for free.

Sacramento CA is all about high quality and customer support. We are always responsible for what we do and what we sell. If you’re not sure about installing pricey triple-pane windows, contact our specialists for info on other possible options. Remember, that triple windows’ price is justified by extra options. The only thing for you is to decide whether you really need them or not.

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